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Hosted Online Planroom

Barryhund Administrators offers Hosted Online Planroom solutions for Construction Associations, Builders Exchanges, and Planrooms. Our web-based applications allow for individual control and customized branding for your organization. Whether you would like a stand-alone Online Planroom, or would like to create an Online Planroom network with other Associations or Planrooms, our Online Plan Service may be right for you. The various components of the service are described below.








For contractors, sub-contractors and Suppliers, the Online Planroom is easy to use and offers many tools designed to save time and money! We have designed a multi-level web-based application that can get your users where they need to be fast! Multiple Plan Viewing options are integrated into our system; basic html viewer can be used on any device, there is nothing to install! External viewers include On-Screen Takeoff, Quick-Eye, PlanSwift, and a bulk download utility offer user flexibility in accessing project documents. At the bidding projects list, Online Planroom users can view bidding, or past-bid projects organized by bid date. By clicking on the project name, users are directed to a “Project Details” page with the project information and useful tools available as well as links to view, download and print project plans, specs and addenda. From this page, users can view the project activity to see a list of other Online Planroom users looking at the project, request to be listed on bidder’s lists, order prints or open the documents in On Center Software’s On-Screen Takeoff (OST). OST will not only allow the jobs to be downloaded and printed, but basic take-off and measuring tools can be used to compile bids. The Online Planroom also offers a robust search function which allows Online Planroom users to search all the Specs and Addenda’s by keyword. Using this tool, specialty contractors and suppliers can easily identify projects that contain the work they do! Additionally, they can subscribe to receive nightly project updates via email that displays new projects received, new addenda’s posted, or notifications of new projects that contain the Keywords they are interested in.


 Our Back-end Services allow our customers to efficiently manage their Online Planroom users and projects.












The Administration Control Panel is used to customize aspects of your Online Planroom including which classification of contract can request to be listed as a bidder on projects (general, sub-contractor, suppliers, etc.) and custom messages regarding print orders and subscriptions. It is also used to enter member companies, Online Planroom users, assign usernames and passwords and set user rights. It can be used to manage project documents and share projects with network Planrooms (if applicable). Additionally, the batch email function can be used to communicate with Association members to notify them of addenda’s and other project information, or advertise your upcoming events!


The Online Planroom Upload Manager is a small application to be installed on the associations' local computers. It facilitates project document scanning and transmittal for posting to your Online Planroom. Additionally, it can be used to transmit a local database.


Barryhund Administrators has developed a Web-based Database for project entry that updates your Associations Online Planroom immediately. Customized reports can be written for your Association for any publications you send to your member companies. Additionally, this database can export into a Microsoft Access database for local backup. Barryhund Administrators does not require this database to be used in conjunction with the Online Planroom. If your association already has a projects database in most cases it can be incorporated for data population to the Online Planroom.


Over the years we have developed many Auxiliary Online Planroom services that may be useful to your Association.


Private Projects: In the days before digital media, project owners and GC’s would sometimes want a project held “Under the Counter” for view by invited companies. Today, we call that a Private Project! These projects are entered into our database and assigned a private web address and password for distribution to those who are to be invited to view the project.


Please contact us for more information about our Hosted Planroom Solutions.


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